Environ Skin Care

Developed through intense scientific research, Environ is a line of effective and affordable skin care. You Beauty Salon & Spa relies on the quality of Environ Skin Care for our clients, with access to complete skin care programmes for all skin types.

Catering to all age groups, there are a wide variety of Environ products to suit the needs of your skin. From intensive blends packed with AHAs to the Ionzyme range containing vitamins, peptides and antioxidants, Environ Skin Care assists in the appearance of healthy, smooth, fresh skin.

Tuscan Tan

Flawlessly bronzed skin without UV damage is the beauty of Tuscan Tan. Containing a unique blend of violet based bronzers, Tuscan Tan develops to imitate the skin's natural tones. The result is a beautiful tan that looks authentic and has no odour.

At You Beauty Salon & Spa, we also stock the supporting product range from Tuscan Tan. Get the most out of your spray tan with the Tan Extender and ph Balanced Skin Wash, designed to reduce premature fading. Ask your spray tan technician for additional care products.

ibd Gel Polish

For more than 40 years ibd has been crafting nail products of salon quality, offering superior resistance to chipping and cracking polish. ibd gel polish is MMA free and will not yellow your nail, even with continued wear.

You Beauty Salon & Spa stock a wide variety of ibd gel polish colours, with something to suit every personality and occasion. Gel polishes provide a beautiful shine, giving your nails sheen not replicated with acrylic.


With new colour collections added each year, OPI offers standout colours in high shine, matte, sheer and textured polishes. From celebrity collaborations to colours inspired by locations and surrounding, there is an almost infinite range of polishes to select from.

You Beauty Salon & Spa offers manicures and pedicures in your choice of OPI polish.

Jessica Cosmetics

Like skin, no two sets of nails are exactly alike. Jessica Cosmetics has built a range of nail products with this information in mind, creating basecoats, coloured polishes, treatments and preparation tools to deliver stunning nails for all clients.

At You Beauty Salon & Spa, we utilise Jessica Cosmetics tools and products. Our nail technicians ensure that your nails look fabulous.

Good Looking Beauty

In addition to designing professional spa products such as IPL machines, oxygen therapy equipment and microdermabrasion machines, Good Looking Beauty (GLB) also supply salon beauty products.


Advanced waxing formulations developed right here in Australia, Caronlab products have set the standard for quality. You Beauty Salon & Spa is proud to use Caronlab wax for all of our waxing treatments; confident in the knowledge it is suitable for many different skin types.


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